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Why Should You Consider Geriataric Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy at Home in East Brunswick NJ: Geriatric Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy at Home in East Brunswick NJ: Geriatric Physical Therapy

One of the great benefits of working with Max Health and Wellness is that we provide Physical Therapy wherever you or your loved one calls home. Keeping your elderly family member as safe and as healthy as possible doesn’t always mean that he or she won’t experience injury or need to recover in other ways.

As we age, the way we live, the way we act, and definitely the way we function changes. Your strength, mobility, balance, and even your ability to “bounce back” after a fall or an injury changes. Your body at 75 is different than it was at 55 and even more so at younger ages. Because we all tend to lose strength, muscle tone, and stability as we age, having a geriatric physical therapy program available is a huge benefit to those who need it.

Max Health and Wellness is proud that one of the things we do first when meeting a client is to learn what their limitations are, many of which are age-based. We call this approach geriatric physical therapy.


Geriatric physical therapy is a different approach than typical physical therapy.

It focuses on working with an older senior population by building back endurance and strength in older adults. It’s also been shown to help with brittle bones, arthritis, healing from (or avoiding completely) joint replacements, and, of course, maintaining one’s balance.

For example, geriatric physical therapy helps keep you active, can help prevent muscle atrophy which can help decrease the risk of falls, and lets you maintain your independence in your activities of daily living. This is accomplished by body stretches for improving mobility and doing balance exercises to help maintain your strength.

As with other types of physical therapy, geriatric physical therapy is usually covered by Medicare Part B. (Check with your provider to make sure).

If you or someone you love believes that geriatric physical therapy at home will help you, please contact our caring staff at Max Health and Wellness at 732-576-3550. We provide in-home therapy throughout New Jersey.

Physical therapy at home can be the key to helping your loved one to recover.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Physical Therapy at Home in East Brunswick, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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