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What Does Physical Therapy at Home Do for Your Senior?

Physical Therapy at Home in Princeton NJ: Physical Therapy Benefits
Physical Therapy at Home in Princeton NJ: Physical Therapy Benefits

No matter what type of illness or injury your elderly family member has experienced, there’s a big possibility that physical therapy at her home can benefit her. Physical therapists meet with your senior, assess her needs, and work with her existing care plan to ensure that she’s able to recover as much as possible.


Helping to Manage and Reduce Pain

Pain, especially chronic pain, greatly reduces your elderly family member’s quality of life and can lead to a host of other issues for her. Physical therapy at home can help to reduce your senior’s need for other remedies, such as prescription medications, while also helping to prevent pain from worsening overall. Home health care providers are able to keep tabs on how your senior is doing and adjust recommended resources as needed to help her to continue to have her needs met.


Reducing the Risk of Repeat Injuries

One of the worst problems when recovering from one injury is the risk of repeating that injury, worsening the physical trauma the body is experiencing. For your senior, having physical therapy services coming to her in her own home can help to reduce her risk of experiencing repeat injuries. This happens because of the tools that physical therapy can help her to access. Physical therapy is typically most effective immediately after an injury or illness, but if your elderly family member is dealing with the aftereffects of an older injury, this treatment can still help her.


Reducing Fall Risk

Experiencing a fall is a massive fear for most aging adults, and for good reason. If your elderly family member has already experienced a fall, she’s twice as likely to experience another one. Home health care can help your elderly family member to greatly reduce her fall risk while also helping her to recover from past falls. Improving your elderly family member’s strength, balance, and flexibility through the proper movements can help her to address all of her fall risk factors.


Assisting with Returning to Independence

It’s frustrating for your senior to be injured or to feel weak. Physical therapy at home with the help of home health care providers can assist your elderly family member to regain her independence. If her original plans were to age in place, she may still be able to do so with the right types of help available to her. Being able to grow her independence on a continual basis improves her self-esteem as well as her overall ability to know that she can live the life that she wants to live.

The most convenient part of having a physical therapist come to your senior in her own home is that she doesn’t have to worry about leaving her home. She’s able to confidently stay in her home and have the help that she needs come to her. Home health care providers are also able to make sure that any of her other health issues are properly managed so that she and you have peace of mind.



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