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Therapy: Understanding the Differences Between Physical and Occupational Therapies

Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ: Your senior’s doctors might recommend occupational or physical therapy, but how do you know which one is the best?
Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ: Physical vs Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ: Physical vs Occupational Therapy

Your senior may be facing some big challenges when it comes to aging and to her overall health.

Physical or occupational therapy, or both, could be exactly what she needs in order to meet those challenges.


Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ: Physical vs Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ: Physical vs Occupational Therapy


PT and OT Share Some Properties

Physical therapy and occupational therapy each work toward helping your aging family member to set and to achieve specific goals. Quality of life is a big focus with each type of therapy, and often older adults find that they need both types of therapies. Because of that fact, it helps to fully understand not just how OT and PT are very different from each other.


Physical Therapy Involves Physical Function and Movement

Physical therapy might be prescribed after your senior experiences an injury or after she has surgery. PT assists with building strength and stamina that is necessary for recovery. Your senior will likely receive an entire routine of exercises and stretches that she does at first with a physical therapist and then as “homework” between sessions. In-home physical therapy means that a physical therapist comes to your senior and helps her at home with her goals.


Occupational Therapy Focuses on Daily Tasks

If your elderly family member has been prescribed occupational therapy, she’s dealing with different goals and needs. People are typically recommended to OT if they’ve experienced something that hinders their ability to perform daily tasks properly or even at all. OT can focus on doing things like learning to use assistive devices, like modified eating utensils, or learning new ways to perform daily tasks. If your senior has a stroke, she may not be able to brush her hair or take a shower. An occupational therapist assesses what she’s able to do and what she needs to improve and works toward that end.


Goals and Expected Outcomes Are Vastly Different

Because of their different focuses, goals, and outcomes for PT and OT are sometimes worlds apart. That’s why there might be situations in which your elderly family member’s doctor feels that both therapies might be helpful for your senior. When considering which therapy is most important for your senior, consider things like what will most improve her quality of life and what most helps her on multiple levels. The answer may very well be that both are equally important, and that’s a valid answer.

When you and your elderly family member both know what to expect from specific therapies, it’s easier to embrace what they can do for her.


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