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Telehealth: The Benefits of a Max Health and Wellness Teleheath Visit with Our Therapists


Telehealth: The concept of social isolation and the feeling of loneliness has become so relevant due to the pandemic that they can lead to serious physical or mental problems, especially in the senior community.

As noted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), mental and physical health are equally important components of a person’s overall health. Depression, for example, can increase the risks for such physical illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.




Too often not enough attention is paid to our mental health, which can and does change over time.

And the reality is that even medical professionals and health insurance companies treat mental health as “less than” physical health. We at Max Health and Wellness know that we all should not only treat the body but treat the soul as well.

Anxiety and depression commonly stem from feeling lonely, as seniors may feel they have no one to talk to or are unsure of how they can help themselves. This may be because their family doesn’t live near them or their friends have moved away. Sometimes a person may develop anxiety because their spouse is ill or because they are housebound due to mobility issues. And without a proper medical diagnosis and treatment, a senior with anxiety or stress may suffer needlessly.

We all know how much we benefit from human touch: a hug, a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek, holding hands. All of us need that, especially seniors, and whether it is provided by your family or your caregivers, you feel better when you have that in your life. Max Health and Wellness therapists can provide that emotional support that you may need at this time.

Max Health and Wellness is here to “maximize” your experience with telehealth and ensure the elder community that their voices are heard and that keeping a healthy mindset is our top priority. Our licensed therapists understand the importance of being acknowledged and supported, and our goal is to help the senior community realize how important it is to live a healthy and happy life.


Telehealth: Whether you are dealing with sadness or anxiety over the loss of a loved one, empty-nest syndrome, dealing with “what comes now” when you retire, or just not feeling the way you used to, we can help you.


We can schedule telehealth visits at whatever time and day that works for you and we will match you with one of our experienced and compassionate therapists who will help you understand what is wrong and work with you to address the very unique and complicated issues that seniors face.

Please reach out to us so we can help you. Because at Max Health and Wellness, we want you to know that you are not alone.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Mental Health Services / Counseling at Home East Brunswick NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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