speech therapy at home in old bridge nj

Speech Therapy at Home

The power of speech is not limited to younger people. Seniors who find themselves undergoing debilitating events such as a stroke or dementia often need the help that only comes from professional speech therapists, and it’s important for all ages whether they’re young or old.

Communication skills are essential in life, but especially so when seniors suffer strokes and other ailments which can impair their ability to speak clearly- this where professionals come into play by helping them regain clarity of voice while also increasing quality of life through improved communication abilities.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy at home is a common and popular form of treatment for those who struggle to speak. It assists individuals with the difficulties that come from stuttering or other on-going problems they may have in their speaking ability. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have a deep understanding of how language works and the way it develops. They are able to identify any problems with speech, cognition, oral/feeding/swallowing skills in order to come up with an effective treatment plan on their own or alongside other specialists such as occupational therapists.
Speech Therapy at Home in old bridge nj

What Can Speech Therapy at Home Do for a Senior?

Working with a speech therapist in your home will help you better express yourself, as well as overcome any challenges when it comes to swallowing your words!

Speech Therapy helps people work through trouble articulating themselves while undergoing treatments like working out muscle memory associated with certain pronunciations, correcting sounds by exploring different voice qualities such as pitch and volume, training oneself how to use verbal pauses appropriately during conversation (with concentration), stabilizing breathing patterns before talking so an individual can maintain control over vocal cords without too much strain which might lead them back into another episode

A few benefits of this therapy for elderly adults are:

  • Improvement of speech and voice clarity
  • Increasing comprehension and verbal expression
  • Improvement of chewing and swallowing
  • Maximizing cognitive language skills: memory, problem solving, and abstract reasoning

Our speech-language pathologists can work with you on your schedule whether that be coming to your home or convenient online appointments.

Does Medicare or Health Insurance Pay For Speech Therapy at Home?

You pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount, and the Part B deductible applies. Medicare law no longer limits how much it pays for your medically necessary outpatient therapy services in one calendar year.

Private Health Plans Coverage of Services: Speech-Language Pathology. Outpatient speech-language pathology services are often covered by health plans, but with limitations. Our speech-language pathologists can work with you on your schedule whether that be coming to your home or convenient online appointments.

Ways That Speech Therapy Helps Seniors at Home

1. Improving Speech After Some Form of Brain Damage

The ability to speak is one of the most important skills humans rely on. Strokes can change that skill, and it’s not unusual for those changes to happen later in life as a result of an event like this. A stroke may damage parts of your brain responsible for speech functions – but there are different results depending on where the injury occurred

Aphasia is the general medical term for when a person loses their ability to express and understand speech due to disruption in brain’s pathways.

Expressive Aphasia happens when people can’t speak or have difficulty speaking, but they don’t show any change in understanding.

Your Speech Therapist will create an individual treatment plan that may include exercises like spoken, written or computer-based therapeutic activities so you’ll find your way back into communication again sooner rather than later!

2.  Improving Speech When There is a Muscular Problem

Dysarthria is the medical term for difficulty with a person’s speech. This condition arises from various causes, such as weakness or paralysis in muscles that produce sounds and difficulties with controlling vocal cords. Dysarthria can also be caused by changes to muscle tone in the speaker; this often results in slow-paced, low pitch voice patterns which are difficult to understand when spoken inappropriately fast or high pitched.

3.  Correcting Swallowing Problems

We all know that swallowing food and drink can be tough– it’s hard to keep things down sometimes. But when dysphagia sets in, not only is life difficult for the person with this condition, but they may also have difficulty keeping themselves safe from aspiration pneumonia! Symptoms of dysphagia include trouble swallowing solids or liquids alike as well as other symptoms such as nasal regurgitation which must be taken into account by a speech therapist during an evaluation process. Once a plan is in place you and your speech therapist can get to work on fixing the challenge!

Speech Therapy at Home by Max Health and Wellness in old bridge nj

4.  Preventing Weight Loss

As a result of structural changes in musculature, it is possible to experience dysphagia without being aware. This can lead to extreme weight loss and malnutrition if the food ingested isn’t reaching your stomach. Even when there are no symptoms present, people with this condition must be treated proactively because aspiration always exists due to their inability swallow properly.

Our speech-language pathologists can work with you on your schedule whether that be coming to your home or convenient online appointments.

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