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Speech Therapy: Four Benefits of Speech Therapy for Your Senior

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy: Your senior may find that speech therapy is something that she could benefit greatly from adding to her treatment plan.

An experienced speech therapist can help you and your senior to put together a comprehensive treatment plan that improves her quality of life and restores function to her that she might have assumed was gone for good. Here are just a few ways speech therapy can help your aging family member.


Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy


Assisting with Aphasia After a Stroke

So many people who suffer from a stroke find that their lives and their abilities change dramatically as they recover. One particularly frustrating issue could be that your senior has to learn to talk all over again. She may also develop aphasia, which is a condition characterized by difficulty communicating. Your senior may be able to understand words, for instance, but have trouble coming up with the right word when she needs it. Speech therapy can help with this.

Helping Dementia Patients Maintain Communication

People with dementia have trouble with their memory, which is slightly different from aphasia, but they may experience communication difficulties that look very similar. Speech therapists work with seniors who have dementia in ways that help them to hold onto their ability to communicate for a little bit longer. Speech therapy can also help with improving attention and solving problems, both of which are difficult with dementia.

Strengthening Weaker Vocal Cords

You might have noticed that as she has aged, your senior’s voice has changed a bit. Vocal cords are like other areas of the body. They change over time, and that causes your senior’s voice to change, too. The muscles that control the vocal cords often become weaker, which can eventually cause your senior to be unable to use her vocal cords. Speech therapy helps to keep those muscles strong so that your elderly family member is less likely to lose her ability to communicate.

Improving Issues with Swallowing

Problems swallowing can create huge issues for your elderly family member’s overall health. Your senior may have so much trouble swallowing that they avoid eating. This can lead to unintentional weight loss, malnutrition, and possibly other issues as well. Speech therapy can help your elderly family member to relearn how to chew and swallow properly, which can improve her well-being immensely.

Speech therapy is an incredibly useful tool for all sorts of health situations that your elderly family member might be facing.


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