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Speech Therapy at Home: What Can Speech Therapy Do for Your Senior?

Speech Therapy at Home in Holmdel NJ
Speech Therapy at Home in Holmdel NJ

Speech Therapy at Home: If your elderly family member is struggling to communicate with you and with other people, that can be really frustrating for everyone involved.

One of the solutions that you might want to consider is to engage a speech therapist to determine what is happening and what your senior can do to resolve those issues. This is typically something that your senior can access through speech therapy at home.

Improve Swallowing

An extremely common issue for aging adults is to have difficulty swallowing. Speech therapy is incredibly helpful for seniors who have trouble swallowing. This is vital because your elderly family member likely has difficulty getting the nutrition that she needs. The exercises that she practices in occupational therapy allow her to improve her ability to swallow, which can assist greatly with malnutrition and other eating issues.

Improve Articulation

Many aging adults can find themselves having difficulty articulating their speech, for a variety of reasons. Your elderly family member may slur her words or otherwise distort her speech because of hearing issues or because of trouble formulating the proper sounds. Occupational therapists are able to help your elderly family member to relearn how to articulate words so that she’s able to be understood.

Encourage Communication

It’s a huge issue for seniors to find themselves on the outside of communication. This can happen gradually over time, but it’s frustrating and ostracizing for the aging adults who experience this issue. By continuing speech therapy, your senior may find that she feels more confident communicating with others, and this can help her to be more active socially. As your elderly family member interacts with others more, other issues may be easier to resolve, too.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Speech issues can create a great deal of stress and anxiety for your senior. No matter what specific issues she’s having, the pressure of trying to communicate with other people can be tremendous. Being able to make progress toward her goals with occupational therapy and speech can help your elderly family member to experience far less stress. This can have huge health benefits for her overall because stress is tremendously harmful for your elderly family member.

Your senior’s occupational therapist will help her to assess her current needs and set her speech therapy at home goals that help her to meet those needs. Over time and with practice, she’ll start to see results that help her to get where she wants to be overall.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Speech Therapy at Home in Holmdel, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. 732-576-3550

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