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What Are Spa Services at Home?

Spa Services at Home Hamilton NJ-Having access to spa services at home can be a huge boost for your senior’s mood, but there are practical applications as well. Here are some types of services.
Spa Services at Home Hamilton NJ - What Are Spa Services at Home?
Spa Services at Home Hamilton NJ - What Are Spa Services at Home?

When your aging family member is homebound for one reason or another, there are lots of little services that become more difficult for her to access when she needs them. Having spa services at home to help her can make a huge difference for your elderly family member.

Hair Cutting and Washing and Hair Styling

When it’s difficult for your senior to leave her home, it’s very easy for her hair to grow out of control and become a problem to manage. Add in difficulties with washing her hair herself, and your aging family member may feel unkempt more often than not. Having trained professionals visiting her at home to help with washing and trimming her hair can give your senior a tremendous morale boost.

Sometimes your senior needs just a little help with styling her hair, whether that’s for a special occasion or as a weekly treat. Styling her own hair might have been something that she was able to handle on her own for a long time, but physical challenges can make that difficult. Even if this is something your senior still does on her own most of the time, it’s a good feeling to have someone else take over the task.

Spa Services at Home Perform Hair Removal

Aging brings with it a lot of challenges and changes, and one of those can be hair growing in places that it never used to before. Having spa services at home coming to her gives your aging family member a chance to have unwanted hair removed without having to go anywhere to do so. This can be a huge relief if she’s embarrassed or if mobility is difficult for her.

Manicures and Pedicures

Nail care is more than just pampering or decorative. Your aging family member’s nails may be getting thicker and more difficult for her to trim on her own. By having a licensed manicurist coming to her, your senior is able to have her nails cared for safely and in a comfortable environment. Nail care technicians are able to ensure that your senior’s fingernails and toenails are trimmed properly and that there aren’t sharp edges that could cause injury.

Facials and Massage

Spa Services at Home Hamilton NJ - What Are Spa Services at Home?
Spa Services at Home Hamilton NJ – What Are Spa Services at Home?

Facials are also more than just pampering. They help to remove dead cells from the surface of your senior’s skin, help with circulation, and ensure that her skin is in good condition. Spa services at home ensure that your elderly family member’s skin is cared for properly. This can also help to relieve stress for her, particularly if she’s experiencing cognitive changes or other health issues.

Massage is relaxing, but it can also help to improve the range of motion and reduce pain for your elderly family member. It’s even more beneficial when licensed massage therapists can come to your senior in her own home. That saves her from having to leave her home in order to get the help that she needs.

There may be other spa services at home that can help your elderly family member. Occupational therapists can help her to determine what else might be useful for her.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Spa Services at Home in Hamilton NJ, or the surrounding area please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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