Home Therapy Services

Max Health and Wellness provides a variety of in home services to homebound seniors as well as clients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is our goal to allow our clients to continue to stay healthy in their homes.
Physical Therapy at Home - Therapy Ball

Physical Therapists will develop a program specifically designed for pain relief, healing, and restoring lost function and mobility associated with injury or aging.

by Max Health Therapies, PC

Speech Therapy at Home by Max Health and Wellness in old bridge nj

Speech Therapy can treat individuals with communication problems, speech disorders, or impairments caused by an injury or illness that may impact the ability to speak or swallow.

by Max Health Therapies, PC

Occupational Therapy at Home - Working with Therapy Bands in old bridge nj

Occupational Therapy can provide support to maintain or prolong independence to a person suffering from pain, injury, illness, or a disability through adaptation.

by Max Health Therapies, PC

Our therapists are members of:

American Speech-Language Hearing Association
American Health Care Association
American Occupational Association
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