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Salon & Spa at Home

The many services Max Health and Wellness can provide add to the quality of life and well-being of homebound clients. For those that may be receiving home care support, Max Health and Wellness offers complimentary in-home services. We want to help keep our clients healthy, happy and safe in their homes.

Facial Day for the Whole Family – each additional family member that joins in the fun receives a 10% discount! 

What wellness services spa services do you provide?

PRIMP Services
For our homebound clients, Max Health & Wellness will bring the beauty salon to you through our relationships with many Salons. When you book an appointment with Max Health and Wellness, you can rest assured a licensed professional will be coming to your home to perform high-quality services. Look and feel your best without leaving the house. Relax, renew, refresh. The greatest gift to yourself is a little bit of attention.

Miss your regular hair appointments? Don’t want to walk outside with those roots showing? Schedule an appointment with a licensed hairstylist who will come right to your home. Invest in your hair! It’s the crown you never take off!

In-Home Spa Services old bridge NJ

“Inspired by a vision to provide accessible beauty and self-care services at home in your comfort zone”.

Medical Grade Pedicure (Available By Referral)

We’ve got those nails covered. Our Referral Podiatrist partner can service your podiatry needs and will polish your nails as a bonus service. Pedicures can be especially beneficial to homebound clients as they alleviate conditions such as corns, calluses. dry or cracked heels, ingrown/overgrown toenails and nail discoloration. Pedicures can be a calming or soothing experience for dementia clients.

A licensed esthetician will come to your home to create a personalized treatment that will leave your skin looking clearer and softer. Facials remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, assist in blood circulation and boost collagen production. You’re never too old to look younger! The calming and soothing effects of a facial can also be beneficial to those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These clients often respond positively to touch.

Massage Therapy at Home by Max Health and Wellness in old bridge nj

As we age, our bodies change and suffer aches that are difficult to manage. One easy way for seniors to receive regular Massage Therapy is by hiring an in-home masseuse.

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