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Physical Therapy: What Should Your Senior Expect from Physical Therapy at Home?

Physical Therapy at Home Old Bridge NJ
Physical Therapy at Home Old Bridge NJ

Physical therapy can help your elderly family member to prevent falls, heal from injuries, and regain her mobility.

It’s a must if she’s been injured or has had surgery, too. But it isn’t always easy to get to physical therapy appointments. Being able to have physical therapy at home can absolutely be life-changing for your senior. Here’s what she should expect from having physical therapy sessions in the comfort of her own home.


Physical Therapy at Home Old Bridge NJ
Physical Therapy at Home Old Bridge NJ

Her Doctor May Need to Recommend PT

Most people who need physical therapy have injuries, are recovering from surgery, or are trying to regain mobility. Often this means that your senior’s doctor needs to recommend physical therapy for her. Establishing physical therapy treatments might even be easier than your senior thinks it will be. One of the most convenient ways for your elderly family member to get the treatment that she needs is to have her physical therapist come to her.

A Physical Therapist Creates a Personalized Plan

Once your elderly family member and her physical therapist meet, it’s time for a plan. Your senior’s physical therapist assesses her needs, keeping in mind what her goals are and what injuries she’s facing, and puts together a personalized plan. That plan includes exercises that your senior works on during physical therapy sessions as well as exercises she does in-between visits.

Your Senior and Her Physical Therapist Work Together

Physical therapy at home is a partnership between your senior and her physical therapist. They work together to meet the goals that your senior and her doctor have set for her. This can be incredibly helpful for your senior as she deals with all sorts of issues ranging from mobility issues to balance problems, retaining muscle tone, and more.

Physical Therapy: Your Senior’s Plan Is Monitored and Adjusted as Needed

If your elderly family member finds that some exercises are too difficult or too painful, they might not be the right ones for her. Her physical therapist pays close attention to what’s working for your senior and what isn’t, so that the plan can be modified as needed. Your senior’s physical therapist may also recognize other underlying issues that need to be corrected. This enables your senior to get the best possible results from her PT sessions.

Physical therapy at home is a reliable way for your elderly family member to be able to have the physical therapy that she needs when it fits into her life.


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