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Physical Therapy: National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Physical Therapy: National Rehabilitation Awareness Week
Physical Therapy: National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Physical Therapy: This year, National Rehabilitation Awareness Week was from September 20 through September 26.

The goal of the week is to recognize the outstanding services provided by our professional rehabilitation partners who work as physical, occupational, cardiac, and speech therapists.

Max Health and Wellness were honored to support National Rehabilitation Awareness Week acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our fantastic therapy team family.

During this continuing difficult time dealing with the pandemic, our team worked diligently to provide our clients with skilled therapy services to help them move forward on their road to recovery.

Our Max Health and Wellness physical therapists have developed programs tailored to our clients’ needs to deal with pain relief, healing, and restoring lost function and mobility associated with injury or aging. can come to wherever you call home and assess your needs and your risk factors.

And our Occupational Therapists provided support to help our clients who are dealing with pain maintain their independence through our specifically tailored programs.

Our Speech Therapists have cared for our clients who have communication problems that arise out of an injury or illness by helping them increase the quality of their lives through improved communication skills.

Our Max Health and Wellness therapy team have provided compassionate care for our clients wherever they call home. Because it may be difficult for our clients to leave their homes because of an injury or because they are concerned with traveling outside their homes to receive treatments, our mission is to have our skilled, compassionate, and licensed therapists provide treatments in their homes. We believe our therapists make recovery for our clients convenient and easy.

We thank and honor our wonderful Max Health and Wellness team not only during National Rehabilitation Awareness Week but every day.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Physical Therapy at Home in East Brunswick, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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