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Physical Therapy at Home: Why Is Physical Therapy at Home Crucial for Some Seniors?

Physical Therapy at Home
Physical Therapy at Home

Physical Therapy at Home: Keeping your elderly family member as safe and as healthy as possible doesn’t always mean that she won’t experience injury or need to recover in other ways.

Physical therapy at home can be the key to helping her to recover.


Improving Strength After an Injury

If your elderly family member has experienced an injury or had surgery, physical therapy at home can be a huge help. Keeping up her strength afterward and making sure that she doesn’t lose too much muscle tone can be absolutely crucial for your senior. Physical therapy meets your senior where she is, helping her to make progress.

Improving Range of Motion

Range of motion and flexibility can also be a problem for seniors, especially after surgery or an injury. The exercises that a physical therapist helps your senior to learn and to do on a regular basis can help your elderly family member to be able to move freely again. Depending on the types of health issues she’s facing, that can be vital in keeping her as healthy as possible.

Reducing Fall Risk

Fall prevention and decreasing your senior’s fall risk is part of her care plan at all times, but it’s especially important if she’s been injured or experienced other health concerns. Improving her range of motion and helping her to regain her strength are major factors in reducing fall risk. Physical therapy at home also helps to address other issues related to fall risk.

Maintaining Independence

If your elderly family member is intent on remaining independent, then physical therapy is one way for her to achieve that goal. Factors like lowered fall risks, keeping her range of motion, and staying as strong as possible enable her to keep doing what she needs and wants to do. And if your elderly family member feels as if she’s losing her independence, this type of occupational therapy at home can help your senior to regain it.

Keeping Your Senior from Having to Travel for Help

When your elderly family member most needs physical therapy, she may be least likely to be willing and able to travel to a physical therapist. By having physical therapy at home, your senior avoids the hassle of having to leave her home. She’s able to conveniently get the help that she needs to recover and to feel her best.

Exploring the options available to your senior can help to improve her overall well-being and quality of life, both physically and in other ways.

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