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Nutrition Consultations: What Can Nutritional Counseling Do for Your Senior?

Nutrition Consultations
Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition Consultations: Your senior’s health and overall well-being are hugely influenced by what she eats.

But sometimes getting her to understand that might feel difficult. Working with an occupational therapist who can help to educate your senior with nutrition consultations and how it impacts her quality of life is one powerful solution. Here’s how an occupational therapist can help your elderly family member to embrace a more nutritious diet.


Nutrition Consultations
Nutrition Consultations


Help Her to Set Nutritional Goals

Often it’s difficult for aging adults to understand why it’s still beneficial to even set nutritional goals. Your elderly family member might worry that it’s too late or that adhering to better nutritional plans won’t do much. That’s not true at all, and occupational therapy can help your senior to understand what goals are truly achievable and why she should set them. By setting the right goals around nutrition and healthy eating, your senior is far more likely to have success.

Work on a Plan for Meeting Nutritional Goals

Nutritional counseling can also help your elderly family member to put together a workable plan for meeting the goals that she sets around nutrition and eating healthier. Making big changes overnight often isn’t very sustainable. Having a plan that your senior is able to follow and that allows her to grow and evolve is really important.

Understand How Food Supports Her Health

Lots of aging adults have outdated beliefs around what’s truly nutritious and what isn’t. If your senior has other health issues, like diabetes or heart disease, she may not realize that there are nutritional changes that she can make that can help her to keep those health issues in better control. It also helps to understand how some foods help cognitive health and her immune system, especially if your senior is experiencing challenges in those areas.

Nutrition Consultations: Assist with Physical Barriers to Healthier Eating

But it isn’t just about knowing what to do. Sometimes there are barriers to putting nutritional counseling to work for your senior. If she has trouble cooking or trouble eating, there are ways that occupational therapy can help your elderly family member to work around those challenges and find success. Your elderly family member isn’t going through this alone by any stretch.
Improving your senior’s health may be a lot more possible than she realizes, especially if she embraces new information about nutritional well-being. Even making small changes can give her big results. Set up some Nutrition Consultations today.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Nutrition Consultations At Home in Edison, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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