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Nutrition Consultations: Why Does Nutrition Matter for People with Dementia?

Nutrition Consultations: Nutrition and Dementia
Nutrition Consultations: Nutrition and Dementia

Nutrition Consultations: Understanding why nutrition is so important for people with dementia can help you to put together a more comprehensive plan for making sure your senior is eating as healthy as possible.

Occupational therapy can also help with nutrition consultations, which can go a long way toward balancing your senior’s diet as much as possible.

Brain Function Improves

Nutrition isn’t going to cure dementia, but it can certainly give your senior’s brain what it needs in order to function as well as possible. B vitamins, healthy fats, and plenty of protein can all do quite a lot to help your senior’s brain. Fatty fish, nuts like walnuts, and fruits like avocados are all good choices.

Mood Improves

It can be difficult for people with dementia to regulate their moods or to explain why they’re feeling the way that they are. If your senior is eating foods with empty calories, like junk foods or foods that don’t give her a range of nutrients, then her moods are even more difficult to regulate. Eating regularly helps with blood sugar levels, which can also help with mood regulation.

Energy Levels Improve

Blood sugar is also a key part of energy management. If your elderly family member isn’t eating regularly, she may be having issues with her body not having the fuel that it needs to keep her going. Keeping her in the habit of eating regularly can help her to maintain her energy.

Sleep Improves

When your senior’s energy levels, mood, and brain function are all doing better, she’s also more likely to experience benefits like improved sleep. Because she’s more likely to be more active and more engaged in her daily activities, sleep may come easier for her. She may also find that she’s able to sleep at night and not feel as sleepy during the day.

Immune System Strengthens

Improved nutrition does wonders for the entire body, but it also helps your senior to keep her immune system as strong as possible. That’s so important in keeping her healthier overall. Choosing the right foods can help her to have what she needs to fight off constant attacks from germs and viruses.

Nutrition consultations can help you to find holes in your senior’s diet and make changes that offer her more benefits than you might have thought possible from food alone. Occupational therapists can also help you to find specific foods that work well for your senior’s diet and sensory needs.


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