Mental Health Counseling at Home

Many people are struggling with depression and anxiety as they cope with the changes related to aging or learn how to live life after becoming disabled. It’s important that caregivers reach out for help if an older adult can’t do so themselves–it equally important knowing there is always someone who will be able to provide assistance when it comes negative feelings associated with growing old.

Depression often carries a significant risk of suicide in many other health problems which include: insomnia, diabetes mellitus type 2, dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsonism-dementia complex; vascular cognitive impairment due to stroke.

Mental health services are offered nationwide via telehealth. Click here learn more.

What Does a Geriatric Counselor Do?

Geriatric Counselors provide physical and psychological assessment services for older adults, along with counseling, direct care, treatment for mental health issues, and assistance with problems interfering with a senior’s quality of life.

What Happens During Our First Mental Health Counseling Appointment?

A caring and experienced therapist will engage the client in a conversation to determine current needs. This may involve answering questions and filling out some forms to complete the assessment. We will work together with each client to determine an individual plan.

Our cognitive therapists can meet with you in your home, your device or whatever is most convenient for you.

mental health counseling at home in old bridge nj

What are the Different Types of Mental Health Counseling?

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – working to change unhelpful thinking and behavior
  • Problem Solving Therapy – helping by teaching the effective management of negative effects of stressful events that can occur in life
  • Supportive Therapy – working to improve or reinforce self-esteem, self-reliance, and psychological well-being
  • Reminiscence Therapy – trying to achieve happiness through positive reminders from an individual’s past life experiences
  • Sleep and Relaxation Coaching – helping to slow down anxious and stressful thinking to allow for peace of mind, relaxation, and rest
  • Pain Management Therapy – offering treatment in place of medication that helps with chronic pain associated with aging or from disabilities
  • Bereavement Therapy – helping to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, or with significant lifestyle changes
mental health counseling at home in old bridge nj

Why Would a Senior Want to See a Mental Health Counselor at Home?

For those who struggle with a disability or physical limitations, who lack transportation or other assistance in getting to a therapist’s office, who may be too scared, ashamed or embarrassed to go to a therapist office, or those who just prefer to talk to someone in the comfort of their own home, Mental Health Counseling at home is here for you.

Our network of therapists provides mental health counseling and support throughout the Central New Jersey area. Services are covered by most private insurance, Medicare, most Medicare Advantage plans, and some Medicaid managed care plans. They are available to anyone who desires such support, and do not need a formal referral or order from a physician.Our cognitive therapists can meet with you in your home, your device or whatever is most convenient for you.

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