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Massage Therapy: Why Should Your Senior Consider Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy in Holmdel NJ
Massage Therapy in Holmdel NJ

Massage Therapy: Occupational therapy offers a variety of different ways to help your senior, including lining up massage therapy services that your senior can access at home.

But why should your elderly family member even consider having massage therapy, whether it’s at home or not? Turns out that there are a lot of reasons for her to add massage to her regular routine.

Improving Mobility

Massage therapy is incredibly helpful in increasing mobility. It loosens muscles and tendons, while also increasing blood flow in the areas that are being massaged. This can help your senior to become more active, especially if she gets massages on a regular basis. If your elderly family member has joint issues, arthritis, or other problems that limit her mobility, massage may be a way to alleviate those issues.

Reducing Inflammation

One of the ways that massage therapy at home helps with mobility is by moving stalled fluid, especially from your senior’s extremities. Some health issues, like COPD and heart disease, can affect your elderly family member’s circulation, making it harder for her body to release trapped fluids. Reducing inflammation can also help to reduce pain.

Reducing Blood Pressure

Another benefit of massage therapy can be reducing blood pressure. That’s particularly helpful if your elderly family member has high blood pressure levels. Massage alone can’t necessarily replace your senior’s other treatments for high blood pressure, including medication, but it can help along with other techniques, like learning meditation.

Enhancing Feelings of Wellness

Massage therapy helps with all sorts of health issues, but it also helps to relax the brain as well as the body. Massage can cause the brain to release endorphins and other chemicals, like oxytocin, which is a hormone associated with social bonding and love. Regular massage can dramatically increase overall feelings of happiness and wellness.

Offering Comfort to Seniors

Besides just helping your senior to feel better, massage can also be comforting. Human touch is very powerful, and for seniors who live alone, being touched may not be something that they experience often. Massage therapy at home can be beneficial even if all your senior needs is a little comforting touch on a routine basis.

In general, anything that improves your senior’s quality of life is a good thing. If it also offers her some health benefits that she can enjoy as well, that’s another big reason to give it a try. Massage therapy can have both short-term and long-term benefits that your elderly family member may find incredibly helpful.


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