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Can Massage Therapy Improve Range of Motion for Your Senior?

Massage Therapy at Home in Old Bridge NJ
Massage Therapy at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Massage Therapy: One way that occupational therapy can help your senior is to offer solutions that have far-reaching positive effects on her well-being.

A tool your elderly family member might want to consider if she’s dealing with a range of motion problems is massage therapy, and here’s why.


Massage Improves Blood Circulation

Keeping your senior’s blood circulating well is crucial for her well-being. If she’s been sedentary or has health issues that reduce her circulation, that can be painful and it can contribute to range of motion issues. Massage helps her circulatory system to get better blood flow throughout the entire body.


Massage Can Loosen Joints and Reduce Joint Pain

When most people think about massage, they think about how it affects muscles, and that’s a huge part of a massage. But there are also some serious benefits for your senior’s joints from massage as well. Warming up those joints, getting fluid moving around them, and improving blood flow, in general, all helps to reduce joint pain.


Massage Therapy Reduces Edema

Just as massage helps to move blood through your senior’s body, it also helps to reduce edema. Edema is when fluid pools in parts of your senior’s body, typically in the extremities like her lower legs. A massage therapist can loosen that fluid from where it’s trapped and help to move it to her trunk, where her body can move that fluid into her kidneys and out of her body.


Massage Reduces Muscle Tension and Stiffness

If your elderly family member has reduced her own mobility, whether because of pain or because she’s afraid of causing injury somehow, she may have found that her muscles are consistently stiff and sore. That’s part of what can reduce the range of motion for seniors as well. Massage therapy can loosen up those muscles, opening them up to being able to move more freely.


Massage Improves Sleep

Massage offers huge benefits in terms of stress relief and helping with mood regulation. Part of that is just the physical feelings of the massage, but there are also the endorphins released by the activity. All of that can contribute to improving your senior’s sleep, which can also help her body to heal and to feel better overall, which can contribute to improved range of motion over time.
Range of motion issues can be extremely painful and limiting for your elderly family member. It’s worth finding out if massage therapy can help her to manage the contributing factors she’s battling.


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