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Five Conditions Massage Therapy at Home Treats for Your Senior

Massage Therapy at Home in Monroe Township NJ-Massage offers tremendous benefits to your senior no matter what, but it can also help with some big health issues. Some are explained here.
Massage Therapy at Home in Monroe Township NJ - Five Conditions Massage Therapy at Home Treats for Your Senior
Massage Therapy at Home in Monroe Township NJ - Five Conditions Massage Therapy at Home Treats for Your Senior

Massage therapy at home treatments is just one that occupational therapy can recommend for your senior. But why might your aging family member be interested in massage as a treatment option? It turns out that there are a lot of different health conditions that massage can help to improve. Both mental and physical health issues can benefit greatly from massage. Here are just a few of the big ones that might cause your senior to consider massage.


Headaches can be incredibly painful and even debilitating. Massage therapy reduces stress as well as tension in muscles. If your aging family member’s headaches are tension headaches, this can be instrumental in getting her relief from headache pain. Other types of headaches can benefit from the increased circulation that massage therapy at home offers to your senior.

Depression and Anxiety

Calming touch can go a long way toward helping your senior to deal with mental health concerns, too. Depression and anxiety are both common issues for aging adults, and massage therapy can help. Massage can reduce cortisol levels in the body, allowing your senior’s fight or flight responses to calm down on a more consistent basis. Massage can also help to release endorphins and other “happy” chemicals like dopamine, which can improve her moods as well as how her senior experiences the world around her.


Pain, whether it’s from an injury or from a health issue like arthritis, is not always easy to manage on a daily basis. Your senior may be dealing with acute pain related to a condition that she expects to go away or with chronic pain, which is likely to hang around a lot longer. Massage therapy can help to reduce inflammation in painful areas and assist with issues like muscle spasms. Another benefit of massage is that it can improve the range of motion of your senior, which can help her to move better during the rest of her day.


It might be surprising to think that massage therapy at home could treat a condition like diabetes, but it’s true. Stress can sometimes have an impact on blood sugar levels, so the relaxation benefits of massage can help temporarily with those. The big benefit of massage for diabetics is that massage improves circulation, which is crucial for someone with diabetes.

Hypertension and Other Heart Conditions Helped with Massage Therapy at Home

Massage therapy helps to calm the central nervous system, which in turn can help your senior reduce her blood pressure in combination with other therapies like medication and changing her diet. Because massage helps to improve circulation throughout the entire body, your senior may find that it’s easier for her to manage other heart conditions, too. Always check with your senior’s doctor to make sure that massage is okay for her specific heart condition.

There are lots of other health issues that massage can help your senior manage. Occupational therapy can help your elderly family member to find other treatment options that she can use in conjunction with all of the other tools in her arsenal.

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