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In-home Hair Cuts: Why Consider In-home Hair Cuts for Your Senior?

In-home hair cuts
In-home hair cuts

In-home hair cuts services, in which a hairstylist comes to your senior’s home, may seem like a new service but it’s been around for a while.

With more and more aging adults becoming homebound, however, it might be a service that you and your elderly family member start hearing more about. There are a lot of reasons that In-home Hair Cuts might even be something your senior is very interested in trying out.


In-home hair cuts
In-home hair cuts


Mobility and Transportation Concerns Are a True Issue

As your senior ages and her health changes, reduced mobility can cause some big problems for her. It can literally be impossible for your elderly family member to access her favorite hair salon any longer. And if she’s also stopped driving, then transportation can be a logistical issue. Having someone come to her and give her an in-home haircut removes all of those obstacles.

Avoiding Isolation and Loneliness Is Multifaceted

Loneliness and isolation are huge problems for aging adults. They can lead to serious mental health issues, like depression, but there are solutions. Seeing friends and family members more often is helpful, but there are other types of interactions that are just as helpful. When your senior was younger and more active in her community, she had tons of small interactions all the time. One of those was likely an appointment with a hairstylist. Working with an in-home stylist brings some normalcy back to your senior.

Your Senior’s Mood and Self-esteem Get a Huge Boost

After an in-home haircut, you’re likely to see a huge boost in your senior’s mood and her self-esteem. Looking good, feeling pampered, and knowing that her hair is clean make a world of difference. This is especially important if your senior is having more trouble keeping up with regular hair and scalp maintenance on her own.

In-home Hair Cuts: It’s One Less Concern for Your Senior

Probably the simplest reason to rely on in-home hair cutting services for your senior is that it’s one less thing for her to worry about. Stress and worry don’t do your elderly family member any good and it can be genuinely troubling to worry about how to have something as simple as a haircut when she’s facing a multitude of challenges. Reducing her worry by even a little bit is huge.
Whether your senior’s main goal is to feel a little bit pampered at home or she has more practical reasons, in-home hair cuts can offer many benefits to your elderly family member.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering In-Home Hair Cuts in Monroe Town, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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