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How Does Physical Therapy at Home After a Fall Help Your Senior?

Physical Therapy at Home in Red Bank NJ: Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy at Home in Red Bank NJ: Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy can help your elderly family member deal with many situations, including recovering after a fall. One particular tool, physical therapy at home, might be extremely beneficial to your senior after she experiences a fall at home.


Restores Function

A fall that results in an injury, however minor that injury is, can cause some serious limitations for your senior in her daily life. Your elderly family member may experience reduced functionality because of the injury itself or because of the fear that she’ll fall again. Leaving those issues unaddressed can cause your elderly family member to withdraw from being as active as she could and should be. A physical therapist can help your elderly family member to work through all of those issues and regain functioning in whatever areas of her body were affected.


Improves Mobility

In addition to function, mobility can also be a problem for your elderly family member after a fall. Mobility issues can afflict parts of the body that weren’t even injured in the fall itself. And again, if your senior is facing the fear of moving because of the fall and fearing that she’ll fall again, physical therapy at home can make a huge difference in recovering those abilities. Even afterward, your elderly family member may find that she has even greater mobility than she had in the past.


Reduces Pain

Pain from a fall often leads to bigger problems in the future, including increasing the possibility of another fall at some point down the road. Occupational therapy can help your senior to learn new ways to do some of her daily activities, and it can also help to assist with relieving pain. Learning the proper ways to move her body can help your senior reduce pain and build up muscle tone, protecting her body now and in the future.


Builds Confidence

It can be devastating to watch your senior be afraid to engage in her life the way that she has in the past. Occupational therapy can help your elderly family member to feel more confident again, reducing the possibility that she might experience another fall. The more confident your senior feels about being able to move her body safely, the easier it will be to avoid another fall.


Assists with Fall Prevention

Seniors who fall once are twice as likely to fall again and that means that after your elderly family member does experience a fall, she needs a fall prevention plan. Occupational therapy can assist your senior in putting that plan together and finding ways to implement fall prevention that works for her. Other therapies, in addition to physical therapy, may prove to be useful to your senior as she works to avoid another fall that could cause even greater injuries for her.

Finding the right solutions for your senior is so important. And if she’s recovering from a fall, it’s important that the solutions you go with are ones that can help her to manage a variety of the different issues that the fall has caused her.


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