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How Can Occupational Therapy at Home Help with Aphasia?

Occupational Therapy at Home in Pennington NJ: Aphasia Care
Occupational Therapy at Home in Pennington NJ: Aphasia Care

It’s so irritating to try to find the right word while you’re speaking to someone else. Just about everyone has run into that at least once or twice throughout their life. For some seniors, though, that’s what happens every time they try to communicate and it’s incredibly upsetting. This difficulty in finding the right words is called aphasia and it’s a language disorder that is extremely common in older adults. What helps is to find a way around the aphasia and to help your senior to communicate. Occupational Therapy at Home is one way to work with your senior on this.


What Is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a condition that makes communication much more difficult for your elderly family member. She may have occasional trouble finding the right word, substituting instead an incorrect word in its place, or she may be unable to speak at all. Other types of aphasia also make it difficult for your elderly family member to understand the language when you’re communicating with her. This can be incredibly frustrating for your senior and for you.


Causes of Aphasia

Sometimes aphasia is a result of neurological disorders, like epilepsy. But it can also occur due to other issues, such as a brain injury, an infection in the brain, a stroke, or dementia. Your senior’s doctor can help to determine what type of aphasia she has and what has caused it. In some cases, aphasia is temporary. Other times, aphasia is a permanent situation for your elderly family member.


Occupational Therapy and Aphasia

Occupational therapy at home can help your elderly family member to learn how to communicate, even with aphasia. Often this involves using a variety of different tools, such as picture boards or tablets that rely on apps that assist with communication. An occupational therapist works with your senior to learn how to use these new tools most easily.


Other Therapies that Can Also Help

There may be other therapies that help your senior to deal with aphasia, including speech therapy. Occupational therapy at home can coordinate these different therapies to ensure that your elderly family member has the best possible chance at overcoming her communication difficulties due to aphasia. The more options your senior has, the more likely she’ll be to find the right combination of tools for her.


Making Life Easier for Your Senior

Ultimately this is about making life easier and safer for your aging family member. When she has the tools that she needs in order to communicate as well as possible, it’s going to be much easier for her to communicate what she needs and what she wants. This can relieve a lot of stress for your elderly family member, and also for you as her family caregiver.


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