Home Therapy Services in Pennington

Max Health and Wellness provides a variety of in-home services to homebound seniors in Pennington, NJ, as well as clients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is our goal to allow our clients to continue to stay healthy in their homes.

Physical Therapy at Home - Therapy Ball

Physical Therapists will develop a program specifically designed for pain relief, healing, and restoring lost function and mobility associated with injury or aging.

Occupational Therapy at Home - Working with Therapy Bands in old bridge nj

Occupational Therapy can provide support to maintain or prolong independence to a person suffering from pain, injury, illness, or a disability through adaptation.

Speech Therapy at Home by Max Health and Wellness in old bridge nj

Speech Therapy can treat individuals with communication problems, speech disorders, or impairments caused by an injury or illness that may impact the ability to speak or swallow.

mental health counseling at home in old bridge nj

Many senior struggle with depression and anxiety as they cope with the changes related to aging. Our caring and experienced Therapists will engage the client and provide counseling to support them.

Massage Therapy at Home by Max Health and Wellness in old bridge nj

As we age, our bodies change and suffer aches that are difficult to manage. One easy way for seniors to receive regular Massage Therapy is by hiring an in-home masseuse.

About Pennington,
New Jersey

Pennington is a borough in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. The borough is located at the cross-roads between the Delaware Valley region to the south and the Raritan Valley region to the north. Wikipedia

Facts About
Pennington, NJ

According to an 1883 history, “the first name of the village was Queenstown, which was given it in honor of Queen Anne. Later it was by some, in derision of its comparative insignificance, Pennytown, and as early as 1747 it began to be called Pennington.”[20][21][22] The name “Penington” was already known in the area, as Edward Penington (1667-1701), son of the British Quaker leader Isaac Penington, was appointed by his kinsman William Penn as Surveyor General of Pennsylvania. His father-in-law was a longtime leader, including as Governor, of the province of West Jersey, where Edward married.[23] Henry Gannett attributes the borough’s name to colonial governors from the Pennington family.[24]

Pennington was established as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on January 31, 1890, from portions of Hopewell Township, based on the results of a referendum held on January 21, 1890.[25] It is a dry borough, where alcohol cannot be sold.[26][27]

People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Pennington include:

Pennington Day, typically in the middle of May, is an annual event where local organizations and businesses set up booths in a street-fair style on Main Street. The event, with origins back to 1980, features local music and a parade early in the day and festivities continuing into the afternoon.[44]

Health Promotion

Helping People Make Healthy Choices

The Montgomery Township Health Department offers technical assistance to local groups interested in health promotion and education. We provide guest speakers when available on a variety of topics, including women’s health, sexually transmitted disease prevention, healthy eating, exercise promotion, smoking cessation, emergency preparedness, hand washing, immunizations, and communicable disease prevention. We also visit a wide variety of health fairs and other community health promotion events throughout the year.

Please contact Devangi Patel, Health Educator at (908) 359-8211 ext. 231 for more information.


Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Stanford University’s evidence-based ‘Chronic Disease Self-Management Program’ is a workshop given two and a half hours, once a week, for six weeks, in a community setting. People with different chronic health problems attend together. Workshops are facilitated by two trained leaders, one or both of whom are non-health professionals with chronic diseases themselves.

Topics covered include:

  • Action Planning
  • Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
  • Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Medication Management
  • Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals
  • Nutrition
  • Decision making
  • How to evaluate new treatments

Diabetes Self-Management Program

Stanford  University’s evidence-based ‘Diabetes Self-Management’ workshop is given 2½ hours once a week for six weeks, in community settings such as churches, community centers, libraries and hospitals.

People with type 2 diabetes attend the workshop in groups of 12-16. Workshops are facilitated from a highly detailed manual by two trained Leaders, one or both of whom are peer leaders with diabetes themselves.

Topics covered include:

  • Techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, fatigue, pain, hyper/hypoglycemia, stress, and emotional problems such as depression, anger, fear and frustration
  • Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength and endurance
  • Menu Planning and Healthy Eating
  • Medication Management
  • Working more effectively with health care providers.

FREE Presentations and Trainings

The Montgomery Township Health Department strongly believes that prevention is the key to reducing the number of deaths, illness, and injury in our communities. Prevention education is the backbone of our health education program. The Health Department offers free presentations and educational materials to the community on a variety of topics.

Topics include, but are not limited to:


Infectious Diseases

How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad 

Lyme Disease

Mosquito Bite Prevention



Chronic Diseases

Heart Disease


Healthy Living

Addiction Prevention and Management Resources

Answering your child’s touch questions about Alcohol

Anxiety Management

Building Resiliency 

          Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

 Drug Abuse

E-Cigarettes – Just say no. Here is why! 

Eye Health

Healthy Eating

Immunization is Important 

Mental Health

Physical Activity



Substance Abuse Prevention

Tobacco Cessation

Therapy at Home in Pennington , New Jersey
The Cherry Blossom Festival in New Jersey

Map of Pennington,
New Jersey

Map of Driving Directions from Pennington, NJ to Max Health and Wellness

Driving Directions from Pennington, NJ to Max Health and Wellness

Pennington, New Jersey 

Get on I-295 S in Hopewell Township from N Main St and NJ-31 S
7 min (3.3 mi)

Head south on N Main St toward E Delaware Ave
0.9 mi

Continue onto Pennington Rd
0.5 mi

Turn right onto NJ-31 N
49 ft

Slight left onto Pennington Rd
200 ft

Slight left onto NJ-31 S
1.4 mi

Use the right lane to merge onto I-295 S via the ramp to Princeton
0.4 mi

Take US-1 N to County Rd 522 in South Brunswick Township
16 min (14.5 mi)

Merge onto I-295 S
4.4 mi

Take exit 67 to merge onto US-1 N toward New Brunswick
10.1 mi

Get on NJ-18 S in East Brunswick from Ridge Rd, Cranbury South River Rd and Old Stage Rd
23 min (12.5 mi)

Turn right onto County Rd 522
2.4 mi

Turn right onto Monmouth Junction Rd/Ridge Rd
Continue to follow Ridge Rd
4.1 mi

Turn left onto Cranbury South River Rd
1.9 mi

Turn right onto Helmetta Blvd
0.2 mi

Turn left onto Old Stage Rd
3.7 mi

Turn left onto Main St
0.1 mi

Turn left onto the ramp to County Rd 516 E
0.1 mi

Merge onto NJ-18 S
Destination will be on the right
2 min (1.9 mi)

1405 NJ-18, Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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