May Is Stroke Awareness Month

Occupational Therapy at Home in East Brunswick NJ: Stroke Awareness Month

Stroke is the number one cause of serious adult disability in the United States. Stroke disability is devastating to the stroke patient and family, but therapies are available to help rehabilitate patients after stroke. Max Health And Wellness ( at-home therapies are here to help you recover from a #stroke ( For most stroke patients, […]

Speech Pathology/Therapy Day!

Speech Therapy at Home in East Brunswick, NJ, Speech Pathology/Therapy Day!

May 18th was National Speech Pathology/Therapy Day! It was a great day to bring attention to the fact that conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases or events like a stroke can lead to speech and language problems in seniors. Communication struggles can lead to other problems, such as undiagnosed medical conditions and a decline […]

How Does Physical Therapy at Home After a Fall Help Your Senior?

Physical Therapy at Home in Red Bank NJ: Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy can help your elderly family member deal with many situations, including recovering after a fall. One particular tool, physical therapy at home, might be extremely beneficial to your senior after she experiences a fall at home.   Restores Function A fall that results in an injury, however minor that injury is, can cause […]

Why Should You Consider Geriataric Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy at Home in East Brunswick NJ: Geriatric Physical Therapy

One of the great benefits of working with Max Health and Wellness is that we provide Physical Therapy wherever you or your loved one calls home. Keeping your elderly family member as safe and as healthy as possible doesn’t always mean that he or she won’t experience injury or need to recover in other ways. […]

Physical Therapy at Home in Holmdel NJ: Physical Therapy Benefits

Many people don’t realize that physical therapists can come to them. This is especially helpful for seniors who are in need of this type of help but are not able to leave their homes easily to get that help. If that describes your senior and her situation, then there may be a lot of other […]

Mother’s Day Is Coming Soon!

Mothers Day

It is never too early to plan for Mother’s Day! Why not give your mom a treat she will always remember by allowing her to indulge in a therapeutic massage or soothing facial in the comfort of her home wherever that may be. We can also treat Grandma, and her family to a spa day […]

6 Specific Ways Occupational Therapy at Home Can Help Your Senior

Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ

Occupational therapy at Home is sometimes confusing to people who have no experience with it. The basic goal of occupational therapy is to support your senior as she moves through her day. That might be with direct hands-on help or with tools and routines that the therapist helps your senior to use and to understand. […]

How Does Physical Therapy at Home Help Your Senior Recover from Heart Issues?

Physical Therapy at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Working with physical therapy at home to deal with heart issues might be an option for your senior. This is especially helpful when your elderly family member needs to make some big changes in her existing lifestyle to accommodate her health needs. It’s overwhelming to make these kinds of changes, which is why having experienced […]

Five Types of Mental Health Counseling at Home for Your Senior

Mental Health Services / Counseling at Home: Mental Health Care

Mental health services at home can be an incredible time-saving option for your elderly family member. They’re especially helpful if your senior has more than one issue that she needs help resolving. Knowing that there are options available such as Mental Health Services / Counseling at Home,  may make her more amenable to the idea […]

Three Big Reasons In-home Spa Treatments Work for Your Senior

Spa Services at Home in Edison NJ: Spa Treatments

Spa Services at Home: If your elderly family member has found herself at home more often and unable to get out as much as she would like, she’s probably finding it difficult to keep up with certain tasks related to her personal care. nSome of them, like caring for her hair and her nails, may […]