The In-Home Therapy Advantage

In-Home Therapy: Max Health and Wellness provides a variety of in-home services to seniors as well as clients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is our goal to allow our clients to continue to stay healthy in their homes.     For More Details Click Here To Print:  Max In-Home Therapy Advantages   If you […]

Physical Therapy at Home: Physical Therapist Needed!

Physical Therapy at Home - Therapy Ball

Physical Therapy at Home: Do you want to help our clients recover from injury and live their life to their fullest potential? Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of others? Max Health and Wellness is looking for skilled and licensed physical therapists to work with our clients to help them […]

Occupational Therapy for COPD

Occupational Therapy at home in Princeton NJ: COPD

Occupational Therapy: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD,) can steal a lot from your senior, including her ability to have the quality of life that she wants. One way to deal with the complications of COPD is to consider occupational therapy at home. What Is COPD? COPD is a chronic progressive lung disease. It’s actually a […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Loved One!❤

Perfect Holiday Gift

Turn to Max Health and Wellness when looking for the perfect holiday gift for your loved one. Max Health is offering IN HOME: -Rejuvenating Facials -Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facials and -Therapeutic Massages for your loved ones suffering from chronic pain or just needing to relax! All services are dementia-friendly! Doesn’t your family deserve to be […]

Manicures and Pedicures at Home: Nail Care for Seniors

Manicures and Pedicures at Home in Holmdel NJ: Nail Care

Manicures and Pedicures at Home: Your senior’s nails are more important for her health and well-being than you or she might realize. It’s very easy for fingernails to transfer bacteria, for instance, especially if a torn or sharp nail also cuts your senior. Having Manicures and Pedicures at Home may be a good choice for […]

Nutrition Consultations: Why Does Nutrition Matter for People with Dementia?

Nutrition Consultations: Nutrition and Dementia

Nutrition Consultations: Understanding why nutrition is so important for people with dementia can help you to put together a more comprehensive plan for making sure your senior is eating as healthy as possible. Occupational therapy can also help with nutrition consultations, which can go a long way toward balancing your senior’s diet as much as […]

We Have A Future Physical Therapist! 👣


Congratulations to our Max Health And Wellness Lead Physical Therapist, Dr. Morgan Locker, on her beautiful baby girl, Julia Paige, weighing in at 6lbs 8oz! We are so happy for you!👣 If you or an aging loved-one is considering Physical Therapy at Home in East Brunswick, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Max Health […]

Can Massage Therapy Improve Range of Motion for Your Senior?

Massage Therapy at Home in Old Bridge NJ

Massage Therapy: One way that occupational therapy can help your senior is to offer solutions that have far-reaching positive effects on her well-being. A tool your elderly family member might want to consider if she’s dealing with a range of motion problems is massage therapy, and here’s why.   Massage Improves Blood Circulation Keeping your […]

Physical Therapy: National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Physical Therapy: National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Physical Therapy: This year, National Rehabilitation Awareness Week was from September 20 through September 26. The goal of the week is to recognize the outstanding services provided by our professional rehabilitation partners who work as physical, occupational, cardiac, and speech therapists. Max Health and Wellness were honored to support National Rehabilitation Awareness Week acknowledging the […]

Speech Therapy at Home: What Can Speech Therapy Do for Your Senior?

Speech Therapy at Home in Holmdel NJ

Speech Therapy at Home: If your elderly family member is struggling to communicate with you and with other people, that can be really frustrating for everyone involved. One of the solutions that you might want to consider is to engage a speech therapist to determine what is happening and what your senior can do to […]