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6 Specific Ways Occupational Therapy at Home Can Help Your Senior

Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ
Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison NJ

Occupational therapy at Home is sometimes confusing to people who have no experience with it. The basic goal of occupational therapy is to support your senior as she moves through her day. That might be with direct hands-on help or with tools and routines that the therapist helps your senior to use and to understand.


Address Home Safety Concerns

Being safe at home is absolutely crucial for your senior. Beyond fall prevention, there are other potential safety hazards that must be addressed in order to keep your senior as safe as possible. But if you don’t recognize those safety hazards, it can be difficult to know you’ve done all you can for your elderly family member. An occupational therapist can help.


Assist with Creating Routines for Managing Health Issues

Managing chronic health issues is already difficult enough, but when your elderly family member doesn’t have a solid routine, that health issue can be even more difficult to manage. Occupational therapy at home can help people living with chronic health issues to develop routines around getting the movement that they need every day and to stack habits in a way that covers all of their needs.


Developing Strategies to Help Make Taking Medication Easier

Another issue your elderly family member may have around managing health issues can be taking medications at the right times. If your senior has a tough time remembering when to take medications, having a flowchart on her fridge might help. Or having a medication container with an attached alarm could be helpful. Occupational therapy at home can look at the difficulties your senior is having and help to find solutions.


Help Establish New Routines for Grooming and Bathing

Your senior may not have the same mobility that she did even a few years ago, which changes so much about how she lives her life. Having someone help her to work out new routines around changing clothes, bathing, and other grooming tasks can resolve the challenges she’s facing.


Find Tools to Assist with Daily Tasks

It can be difficult to see any other options when all your senior is seeing or experiencing is the difficulty she is having with normal daily tasks. Having the right tools can make a world of difference, and occupational therapists excel at finding them. They can also help your elderly family member to learn how to use those tools safely and properly.


Identifying Specific Difficulties that Reduce Independence

Every individual person has different troubles and challenges that affect their ability to live as independently as they want to live. Having some help to spot those challenges can be a critical part of helping your senior to meet all sorts of goals that she has for this time in her life. Occupational therapy at home can bridge those gaps, helping her to have the life that she wants.

Occupational therapy may be something your senior needs only for a little while or it may be an ongoing need for her. Regardless, occupational therapists are there to do whatever they can to help your senior be as safe and as independent as possible.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Occupational Therapy at Home in Edison, NJ, or the surrounding area please contact the caring staff at Max Health & Wellness today. (732) 576-3550

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